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About Chesapeake Farmery, LLC

Chesapeake Farmery, LLC was founded by Jimmy Jones and his daughter Samantha, as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) weekly produce home-delivery service. With a growing demand for local, fresh, organic produce -- delivered right to each customer's door -- Chesapeake Farmery, LLC quickly grew in popularity within the Chesapeake Bay Region. Jimmy is committed to the best growing, harvesting, and healthy food preparation practices to ensure that you receive top-quality organic* fruit and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle. Food is medicine and he brings the FARMacy directly to you!

The face behind Chesapeake Farmery, LLC

Jimmy's passion for the farm life began as a young boy working on the family tobacco farm in North Carolina. At 8 years old, he would help his family with farm duties before and after school. He grew and learned as much as he could from the "old timers" but always felt there was a better way of growing.

Experimenting with different farming methods since his childhood, Jimmy began to employ hydroponic methods in farming. He is in the process of building a multi-greenhouse hydroponic farm providing employment for adults with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and our veterans suffering with PTSD.

When he's not farming or delivering, he's doing what he loves the most: spending time with family and chasing around his grandchildren!

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